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Create a backup Load Balancing Virtual Server using Citrix NetScaler

Reading Time: 5 minutes Citrix NetScaler is very powerful in Load Balancing. In fact Citrix is one of the market leaders in providing flexible and very robust Load Balancing features using NetScaler. To load balance your resources, you have to configure Load Balancing and then create load balancing virtual servers. So that will protect you against a single backend server failure.

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Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange 2016 with Citrix NetScaler

Reading Time: 8 minutes Citrix NetScaler is a very powerful and versatile platform for application delivery. Load balancing is one of the key features of Citrix NetScaler. Many organisations are using Microsoft Exchange 2016 to provide email, calendar, tasks and other enterprise collaboration solutions to their employees and customers. Deploying Citrix NetScaler in front of Microsoft Exchange 2016 ensures security, reliability

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Import pfx SSL Certificate on Citrix NetScaler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Import pfx SSL certificate on Citrix NetScaler is something you will do when using Citrix NetScaler. This proces is easy, so just a quick blogpost about that. Just make sure that your pfx file contains the certificate and the private key. Also make sure that it is password protected and keep it in a safe

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